About me

Wanderlust addict living with fibromyalgia

Hey, welcome to my blog! I’m Corinne, a travel addict with fibromyalgia. I decided to start this blog for one reason; to write about the two things that dominate my life most (aside from my love for family and friends of course) - seeing the world and living with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is still highly unheard of, heck I hadn’t even heard of it until I was diagnosed, and because of this there’s a severe lack of understanding surrounding what it is and what it does to a person. 


I got diagnosed at 22, ‘one of the youngest cases’ my consultant said, lucky me. And whilst I was glad to have a diagnosis, figuring out what this meant for me and what life would look like living with this incurable condition was a whole other matter. I had to research, and I had to research A LOT to try and grasp what this condition actually was. Trust me when I tell you, googling an illness instills more fear than comfort 9 times out of 10, which was the case for me, and one of the reasons I have started this blog; my blog, to be a place of hope and real life experience that fibromyalgia will not control you - if you learn to adapt. 


It took me about a year to get a handle on my condition but I have done, and I now basically live my life as I did before without any problems - however, flare ups are the real deal and THEY WILL happen, so the most important thing to learn, understand and trust is your body. I know the whole ‘your body is your temple’ cliche can be a bit much, but with fibromyalgia it’s true. If you want fibro to be ‘just a part of you’, instead of ‘in control of you’, then you need to look after yourself STAT, and you need to listen to what your body tells you. 


I can’t live my life 100% full steam ahead anymore, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing - it’s just different, and most importantly I still travel A LOT. This condition has not taken over my life, I still follow my passions and I really wish that when I was searching the web for answers, that I could’ve come across a blog telling me this to avoid extra stress or unnecessary panic because spoiler - stress is a massive trigger! Don’t get me wrong, when fibromyalgia is bad - it can be really bad, and I do think it has changed me somehow, but it really isn’t the constant doom and gloom that can be plastered all over the internet. 


So, if I can be the mecca of hope for whomever may stumble across this trying to find out more about their own condition, or educate and raise awareness for those of you who don’t know about fibromyalgia then I’ve done my job, and I can write about my passion for travel at the same time - winning!



This site is purely created on my own views and experiences, and occasionally from others who also have fibromyalgia, or a different chronic illness. I am not a medical expert and if you seek medical advice, you should contact your GP/medical professional for further information.